Thursday, July 06, 2006

American Gasbags

A few months ago the blogosphere was abuzz with chatter about a planned July 4 weekend boycott of ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil had recently reported $8.4 billion in first quarter profits and Americans were vowing to send Big Oil a message by refusing to buy gas for a day or two. What happened? Did anyone follow through on their pledge? We haven't heard a peep in the media about the fallout (or lack thereof) from the boycott. And, for what it's worth, BoycottExxonMobil has registered virtually zero traffic in the past few months. It seems Americans may have sent ExxonMobil a different message: We are addicted to oil and we'll pay whatever you charge us, even if it kills us.


Jeffery Haas said...

Boycotting one or two specific oil companies wont work because even if they ended up with a surplus they would simply sell it off to another company, so you still end up buying oil anyway.

The problem is that we do not have another CHOICE in America the way drivers do in BRAZIL, where you can buy gasoline, ethanol or "flex-fuel" which is basically E60, E85 or E90.

Petroleum is going to play a major part in our transportion fuels infrastructure for many more years but America has to empower itself and make it possible for alternatives like ethanol, biodiesel and electric to compete in the marketplace. All three have something to offer us and all three are feasible working models available now.

What America needs is not another boycott. What we need is a 1960's "lunar race" style mandate to completely end our singular dependence on petroleum by the close of the decade, particularly where IMPORTED petroleum is concerned.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, well I've boycotted them for years but they still cleared the largest profits last year ever!!HUH? I dont know why so many are still asleep at the wheel but they are bless theyre lil' hearts and WAKE EM THE **** UP!!!

Anonymous said...

well , they say it would only hurt the individual station , they can sell all the gas they have . Funny thing though , this weekend exxon and mobil had the cheapest gas , by 10 cents on L.I. WTF ?

Anonymous said...

If they don't keep something scarce, what will the peasant animals fight over?

Evil evil politicians, I say.