Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dancing Woz

Last night I tuned in to ABC’s Dancing With the Stars for the very first time, solely for the purpose of watching Steve Wozniak dance. I’m not a Woz fan or anything (although we do have a soft spot in our hearts for him here at Failure as he did one of the first-ever Failure interviews ), but I kept hearing about Dancing Woz, and finally decided to tune in.

As it turns out, what I’d been hearing seems to be true; Woz is the ultimate underdog. And it’s quite brave of him — or perhaps masochistic — to keep going out there even when it’s clear that he can’t dance worth a lick. If it was up to the judges, he’d have been booted off the show long ago.

Last week, Woz and his dance partner (who is almost an afterthought, by the way) scored just 10 out of 30 points. And last night they did only marginally better, earning 12 out of 30, prompting the judges to refer to Woz’s routine as “long — there wasn’t much going on there,” and to say, “This is an improvement from last week … but last week was so terrible almost anything would be an improvement.”

As you may know, though, the judges aren’t the sole decision makers in regard to who “wins,” as viewers get to vote too. And thanks to the efforts of Vote Woz! and his army of geek fans, Wozniak (and dance partner, I don’t even know her name) are garnering enough votes to dance another day. While I’m not quite sure how the voting process works, I believe we learn whether Woz advances again on tonight’s episode. Stay tuned.

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