Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remote Area Medical in Nashville

This past weekend, Remote Area Medical (a non-profit that offers free medical care at clinics in the Third World and the United States) came to Nashville, Tennessee. Truth be told, the event was a sad commentary on what we value (and don't value) here in the U.S. The school where the clinic was held (McGavock High School in east Nashville) is kinda run-down, and the cinderblock walls give its halls a prison-like feel. (Did I mention that the Nashville Metro Police Department has an office in the school?)

Of course, education isn't the only thing that we fail to make a priority here in the U.S. We don't do enough to make sure our populace has access to affordable health care, hence the desperate need for an organization like Remote Area Medical.

Below are a handful of photographs that Failure magazine took during the Nashville clinic. Pictured above is Stan Brock, founder of RAM. Or read Failure's feature about RAM.

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